If you are wondering who makes the best fly rods, then ill try to give you my opinion here. There are many manufacturers and brands out there that make fly rods such as Sage, Orvis, Thomas and Thomas or TFO to name a few. Its debatable “who makes the best fly rods” in my opinion as ive yet to pick up a fly rod, cast it and (ive fished with many) thought, nah, this isn’t a good fly rod!

I personally believe when you pick between the top marketed or branded fly rods such as mentioned above, its a personal choice about the color, flex, handle, type of eyelets on the rod etc that is what most fly fisherman deem as the best fly rod.  You end up buying into the marketing hype.

Of course, there are different materials used in the higher end rods but i honestly never find any “major” difference between these rods. Personally i use Sage and Redington fly rods and have always found these two brands work perfectly well for me, fishing both freshwater and saltwater. I usually match them up with the same brand fly reel.

What are Some Manufacturers of Fly Rods?

Most of the fly rods you will ever hold and use will no doubt have been manufactured in China but designed out of the USA with a few exceptions here and there. There are a number of great manufacturing factories in China as well as in the USA who produce for the main stream brands all different kinds of useful fly fishing tackle from rods to reels to pliers and a lot more.

Brands of Fly rods and Fly Reels

  • Loomis
  • Sage
  • Orvis
  • Thomas & Thomas
  • Redington
  • TFO
  • Hardy
  • Echo
  • Lamson
  • Taylor
  • Nautilus
  • Abel
  • Allen
  • Fenwick

What are Fly Rods Made From?

Fly rods are commonly made from fiberglass, graphite, and coming back into trend bamboo. They start off as a “rod blank” and different materials are used to construct the finished product. The process of making fly rods has been around for quite some time now and they are easily and readily produced at affordable prices.

Depending on the materials used a new fly rod at retail pricing will cost anything from $50 up to a couple of thousand dollars, it really depends on what you want to pay and what purpose you will be using the fly rod for. Saltwater fly rods are more commonly made from fiberglass and graphite and freshwater fly rods are again made from the same materials.

Bamboo rods have started to become popular and were back in the day the original material used in fly rod making. The appeal of the old school and feel of a bamboo fly rod is something popular with long-time fly fishing enthusiasts and those looking for a more unique and authentic fly fishing experience. Bamboo rods are also known to be long-lasting, durable, and strong.


As you can see from the above there are plenty of “brands” that produce fly fishing rods and tackle. You should take time to study each brand and decide why that particular brand resonates with you? It could be you like the color of their products or their company mission ie they give back to the local community or they donate a certain % of profits to a charity etc.

A number of the brands above i have used at some point in my fly fishing amazing journey and I believe each is on par with one another in some way. I have spent time also visiting some fly fishing tackle shops and looked and felt the rods I wish to possibly buy so I can better understand the pros and cons of each one.

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