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What is intermediate fly fishing line

intermediate fly line - Fly Fishing

When you first start out fly fishing there are a few things to learn. One of the pieces of tackle we use is the fly line.

There are different types of line and you may wonder what is intermediate fly fishing line?

Intermediate fly fishing line is specially made and its purpose is to sink halfway between the surface of the water and the bottom of the pond, lake or place where you are fishing. The fly line is usually attached to the backing line

What is the benefit of intermediate fly fishing line?

As mentioned the benefit of using this type of fly fishing line is that it allows you to present the fly to the target fish in a way that a floating line would not.

As the fly line sinks and stops midway, this allows you to target fish that are feeding mid depth in the water, not on the bottom, not on the surface but mid depth.

This can be very beneficial as the fish will be reachable and easier to catch and the intermediate fly line will do the work for you.

Whats the diference between intermediate and floating fly fishing line?

The main difference here is the floating line will remain on the surface of the water and allow you to present the fly to surface feeding fish vs the intermediate fly line will target mid-depth feeding fish.

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Both lines are handy to keep in your tackle bag as the fish through the day maybe feeding at different depths and you want to be able to switch up you set up in order to have the best chance of catching the fish.

What other fly fishing lines are there?

There are a few other types of fly fishing line, we’ve covered two of them above.

There is also a sinking line, fast sinking line, sink tip etc. A sink tip will have length of fly line towards the end near where the leader will be connected that is more weighted than the rest of the fly line closer on the reel.

The purpose of the sink tip line is to assist in getting the fly down to the right depth of where the fish are feeding in order to cause a bite or strike as its also known.


In summary the above information should help you to understand a little more about fly lines and what is intermediate fly fishing line.

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