What is a fly fishing zinger

What is a fly fishing zinger

A fly fishing zinger also referred to as a lanyard or retractor, in general, is a retractable lanyard that attaches to the fly fisherman’s vest.

It is used to keep a fly fishers smaller accessories such as forges, pliers, snips etc close by and in easy reach.

Some people also use them to attach a fly fishing net which can come in handy when you are trying to have quick access to your net to land a fish.

The retractable element is extremely useful as it allows you to keep essentials close by without having to use bungees which can get in the way and snag your fly line in the worst possible times!

How to use a Zinger?

You basically need to decide where you want to place the zinger then attach it to the clip say on your vest or chest pack (Best fly fishing chest packs).

Once you’ve found your ideal location for the ziner, simply attach to it the accessories you want such as pliers, snips etc.

Don’t overload it though as its best to keep one to two maximum items on the zinger not to overload it.

How much does a fly fishing zinger cost?

Most Zingers are inexpensive and you can pick them up for around $5 – $30 depending on the brand or build of the zinger.

Where can I buy a Fly Fishing Zinger?

In Summary

I really find having a zinger or two extremely useful as it allows me to carry items close to me when i need them the most vs having them stuck at the bottom of my fly vest or sling pack.

Highly recommend you have a zinger in your fly fishing tackle kit!

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