Fly fishing shirt

One of the important pieces of fly fishing clothing is a shirt. Not just any shirt but a specially made shirt that will feel comfortable, protect you from the weather and keep you warm when needed.

But what is a fly fishing short you might wonder, well let’s cover this below.

I have several fly fishing shirts in my collection but my favourite go to brand of shirts is definitely colombia.

Colombia are a brand that have been around for a very long time and are extremely popular among the fly fishing community.

They are affordable, extremely hard wearing and will last you several years if you look after them properly!

What is a Fly Fishing Shirt Made From?

Well if we take the colombia brand and their fly shirts, they are made up of:

  • Omni wick and cotton
  • Featuring mesh-lined ventilation at center back for the ultimate in cool-wearing comfort.
  • Chest pockets hold small essentials
  • Omni-Shadeâ„¢ UPF 40 sun protection
  • Quick drying

These shirts are super quality made and will usually set you back around 30-40 bucks depending on if you get one at the retail price or on sale.

I tend to wait for the sales to happen as you can grab 2 or 3 shirts for the price of one and that will be more than enough to spread out over a fishing season.

Columbia Men's Blood and Guts Iii Long Sleeve Woven Shirt

Why do I Need a Fly Fishing Shirt?

If you are going to be out on the water fly fishing having zinger and backing for the day then its probably going to require you spending time in the sun.

Most fly fishing shirts will have some form of UV protection which is really important to stop you getting burnt.

Not only this but a shirt will keep you dry and warm and provide protection whilst you are out fishing. They also enable you to be fashionable at the same time allowing you to enjoy the sport of fishing!

Hopefully you now know what is a fly fishing shirt and why its important to have a few in you fly fishing clothing wardrobe!


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