In today’s post ill be sharing my Sage Pulse Review and whether I think this is a good fly rod or not.

Sage first brought out the Pulse Fly Rod around late 2015.  It’s a really good fly rod and some might refer to it as a battle axe. It’s perfect for any level of fly fisher and offers a medium to fast action experience. 

Like with all Sage products they are on the higher end of the pricing scale but having owned Sages for years both fly rod and reels I can tell you I’ve never owned a bad one and they are still in my fly fishing arsenal today!

Below will go into more detail on the features and benefits and the pros and cons and then you can decide for yourself if this is the right rod for you, so let’s get on!

Sage Pulse Fly Rod

Sage Pulse Fly Rod

As I touched on above, the Sage company is marketed as a payload fly rod and reel manufacturer, you’ve probably heard of sage before you land on my article today so that would indicate you know of them and what they are about.

Few words spring to mind when I think of Sage products, Quality, Craftsmanship, Experience, Built by fly fishers! The Sage pulse is made up using graphite technology and therefore offers a medium to fast action cast and play experience for the angler. Using graphite allows this flex and also durability to the rod when hooking into an aggressive fish.

The Pulse comes in a variety of in sizes from 3 wt all the way up to an 8 weight and it comes in various sizes from 7.6 ft to 10 ft and in different pieces, One thing to note is that these rods are available to both freshwater and saltwater fly fishers which is great and offers versatility to those who like to fish both types of waters.

Benefits and Features

As promised, we’ll go over the features and benefits of the Sage Pulse Fly Rod and outline what I look for in a fly rod so this will help you further with your decision if this is the right rod for you!


Some people have reviewed the rod after usage that it feels a little heavy. I tend to disagree. Ive used many fly rods over the years ive been fly fishing and this is no heavier than other fly rods in the same class and weight.

Personally I tend to opt for a heavier rod when the wind is up or if I’m going for stronger fighting fish. It offers peace of mind that I can catch small and large fish with worrying my foundation fly rod my break in my hand.

Sage produces superb products and take their time to quality check their rods and reels before they go out to their customers. Another advantage to a heavier fly rod is during the cast, if the winds are up it won’t flex as much and therefore provide a cut through the wind when casting which can allow you to punch the line further rout and reach the target fish.

Construction Quality

An awesome built rod made as we’ve covered above from graphite which offers superior durability and life longevity. The rod comes in a vibrant lime green color which I find camouflages into the surroundings when im out fishing a lake or river. Both the freshwater and saltwater versions offer a decent fighting butt so you can grip well when locked into a battle with your fish!

They have utilized anodized aluminum for the reel seat which is smart, this again opens up the rods usage to the elements of both freshwater and saltwater fly fishing. Fuji ceramic stripping guide and chrome snake guides complement the finish and further offer that quality you look for in a higher range priced fly rod.

This also provides further peace of mind when casting your fly line that it glides easily through the guides and outwards towards the water. The rod also comes with a decent nylon styled rod bag which helps protect it when transporting it from home to the fishing grounds.


It’s a medium to fast action rod. This allows a good casting experience and the peace of mind that it will stand up to strong fighting fish should you hook into one that wants to test you before being landed! Offering a nice feel bot top end of the rod at the tip and certainly down at the butt end of the rod, I like that you have the best of both worlds here.

Sensitively at the tip to feel for bites and the butt to support when you get that bend on the rod from the fish trying to scream off the fly line and run the opposite direction to you.


An all-round great and versatile rod that can be fished both freshwater such as rivers or lakes and for the deep blue waters if you want to hit the saltwater species. I feel its best to have both options when fly fishing. I was brought into fly fishing lakes and rivers and gradually due to moving location moved into saltwater fly fishing.

With this rod you have no problem casting any kind of flies or fighting any type of fish. Its really been well thought out with all angler levels in mind and those who may want to target one fish species over another.


Sage as a rule of thumb offers a lifetime warranty on their tackle and the same is in place for the Sage Pulse. The warranty means they will replace or repair it for you which I think is great as it supports the price tag they attach to their products.

  • Versatile Fly Rod
  • Suitable for Fresh/Saltwater
  • Great Reviews
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Higher-end priced fly rod


What is the best Sage fly rod?

This is down to personal preference and in my opinion what you intend to use the rod for. Some people will be fishing small streams and therefore only require a small 3 to 4 weight fly rod vs a bigger 10 wt fly rod for salmon. You would select the rod-based off the type of water you will be covering and the species being targeted.

Who owns Sage rods?

Sage is owned by Far Banks, which also owns Redington and Rio. All these brands are world-class in their own right and have been proven to be quality products that stand the test of time.

Where are Sage rods made?

All Sage rods are made at their manufacturing facility at Bainbridge Island, in Washington state in the United States of America. They have been based there for quite a number of years. Their products are distributed all over the world and sold via brick and mortar stores in local communities or online via websites.

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