Today we will take a look over the Sage Payload Fly Rod. I’ve always been a fan of Sage fly rods and sage fly reels as they were one of my first experiences of fly fishing as my dad got me into the sport. He was a massive fan of Sage and i got my first Sage fly rod at 13 years of age. I loved that first fly rod!

Fast forward onto today and I’ve fly fished with many of Sages rods either through my own ownership or using friends sage fly rods when we’ve been out for a day fly fishing.

The Sage Payload Fly Rod is a great rod and one that would definitely suit both the beginner and experienced fly angler. It’s a saltwater and freshwater fly rod so perfect for those harsher conditions that saltwater brings with it if you choose to fish in saltwater.

The Sage Payload

The Sage Payload

Sage have once again produced a fine and quality fly rod using the latest technology when it comes to building. Utilizing the latest in graphite technology, the Sage Payload rod is afforded the same quality graphite you would find in the other same class Sage esn rods. Its a great rod for all levels and one you can easily catch a large pelagic without any issues!

It is capable of casting medium to longer distances and will allow you to cover plenty of water. Available in a variety of sizes from a 6wt to 11wt and all the rods in this model come in 4 pieces and are 8-10 feet in length. The price point of these rods is in the mid to higher-range and you should expect to pay $550+ regardless of the size you select.

The Sage Payload Fly Rod| Features & Benefits

We can now take a look at the features and benefits that the Payload fly rod has to offer:


Casting the Payload Fly Rod is great and you can reach good distance when casting larger flies and fighting aggressive species such as pike which is what this rod is designed for.

Part of the design of the rod when casting is to allow you to pick up line nice and quick and easy in order to present quickly a fly on the water.

Manufacturing Quality

The rod blank is Tannin color with burgundy primary thread wraps with Bronze trim wraps. Its made of graphite which is a quality material sage is well known for using in its rod builds. Sage have used what they call Kinetic Technology in this rod. I like the tangle free Fuji ceramic stripper guides as well as the oversized hard chromed snake guides and tip-top. Quality craftsmanship is used throughout this fly rod.

The line casts well through these and also strips back well when you are retrieving the fly. One other nice feature is that Sage provides a black rod tube. This is really handy for when you are traveling to the fishing grounds or storing your rod at home and provides extra protection.

The rod seat features a heavy-duty aluminum up-locking reel seat to withstand rugged environments which will stand you the test of time and keep your fly reel locked and loaded and well protected.


This is a fast action rod and designed to help you target larger fish, particularly from a boat and enable you to fight those fish with ease. A reasonably good casting fly angler will cast this rod no issues.


I find the Payload extremely durable and can be used in most conditions. In strong winds, you can easily cast this fly rod and reach the desired location of where the fish are laying or rising. Practice makes perfect as they say and its down to you and your casting skills so you will have no issues casting and enjoying the sage payload.

Its a great rod for those more challenging larger fish that will play you for a lot longer period of time. The rod allows you control and absorbs well any fast runs or pulls of line from the fish trying to make runs. I really enjoyed the performance of the rod and its a great option for the intermediate fly angler and upwards.


Sage usually offers with all its rods and reels a lifetime warranty. This i believe is really good as you are usually spending a fair bit of money to get a sage product and to have that peace of mind there then its ideal. Do check though prior to purchase that the warranty is being offered.

None of my sage rods have ever had issues. Some of them ive owned for many many years and they are still in brilliant condition. Look after your gear it will last you a long time.

Pros & Cons

  • Kinetic Technology
  • Fast Action Fly Rod
  • Strong Snub Nose Handle
  • Suitable for Salt/Freshwater
  • Free Rod Case
  • Made by a quality manufacturer

    In Summary

    I highly recommend the sage payload fly fishing rod if you are targeting the more aggressive fish such as pike. It’s a great quality built rod and you cant go wrong here.

    You will enjoy casting it and the look, feel and build is quality which is what i always look for in any of my fly fishing gear. If you are looking for a rod that is good for fly fishing larger waters and aggressive fish, then id go for this one. Sage builds outstandingly good quality fly fishing products period and many professional fly fishers use them.

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