Today i will give you my review of the Sage Foundation Fly Rod.

If you have read my other posts you will know that i highly rate all Sage products as ive fly fished with them for many years and they are very high quality builds and will last you a lifetime! The Sage Foundation fly rod is great rod and one that would definitley suit both the beginner and experienced fly angler.

The Sage Foundation Fly Rod

Sage have once again produced a fine and quality fly rod using the latest techonology when it comes to build. Utilisizing the latest in grahphite techonolgy, the Sage Foundation rod is afforded the same quality graphite you would find in the other same class Sage rods.

Its a great rod for all levels and one you can easily catch a small to large trout, salmon, pike or bass on without any issues! Ive had no problem casting the sage payload  fly rod, its capable of casting good distances and has allowed me to cover plenty of water across plenty of lakes and resoviors.

Available in a variety of sizes from a 4wt all the way up to an 8 wt and all the rods in this model come in 4 pieces and are 9 feet in length. The price point of these rods are in the mid-range and you should expect to pay between $300 – $350 regardless of the size you select.



The Sage Foundation Fly Rod| Features & Benefits

The Sage Foundation Fly Rod| Features & Benefits

We can now take a look at the features and benefits that the sage foundation fly rod has to offer:


I have found casting the sage foundation to be a pleasure. Ive not felt it heavy to hold even when fly fishing all day with it. It feels lightweight like any of my other fly rods and i can easily carry it with me when walking from one location to the next.

Manufacturing Quality

The rod blank is black on black graphite and oozes the same quality as sage is known for. I like the line guide eyelets which are made from chrome and stainless steel. The line casts well through these and also strips back well when you are retrieving the fly.  One other nice feature is that Sage provides a rod case tube.

This is really handy for when you are ttravelling to the fishing grounds or storing your rod at home and provides extra protection. Some people have reported that its missing the rod guide dots, these are what you use to line up to assemble the rods. Its not a deal-breaker and the rod is still easily assembled by using your common sense when align the rod pieces together.


This is a fast action rod and ive had a lot of pleasure casting it. I can easily reach my target of around 30-45 feet. On the back and forth cast it flows nicely and doesnt give me any concerns.

Naturally we all cast diffferently but if you have a reasonably good casting technique then you’ll cats this rod easily as well.


I din the sage foundation fly rod extremely durable and can be used in most conditions. Even with strong winds around it can easily cast and reach the desired endpoint of where the fly stops and drops t o the water. Of course like with any fly rod, its down to you and your casting skills but as long as yo now how to cast correctly (practice…) then you will have no issues casting and enjoying the sage foundation.

It’s a great rod for both short and long distance casting and great for casting a nymph or dry fly onto the water. Catching a trout and salmon on this rod is a breeze and you can be sure it will stand the test of time. I really enjoyed the performance of the rod and its a great option for the intermediate fly angler and upwards.


Sage offers as with all its rods and reels a lifetime warranty. This I believe is really good as you are usually spending a fair bit of money to get a sage product and to have that peace of mind there then its ideal. I’ve owned and still own plenty of sage products and ive never had one break yet and mine have been used plenty!

Pros & Cons

  • Strong and quality grip
  • Suitable for all conditions
  • Great Mid-range price point
  • Made by a quality manufacturer
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • No rod piece alignment dots

In Summary

I highly recommend the sage foundation fly fishing rod if you are targeting trout, salmon, pike, or bass. It’s a great quality built rod and with the sage lifetime warranty backing, you can’t go wrong here. You will enjoy casting it and the look and feel ooze quality as well as top craftsmanship which is what I always look for in any of my fly fishing gear.

If you are looking for a rod that will last many years, then id goes for this one. Sage builds quality products period and I don’t think anyone would argue otherwise!

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