Today I will review the Redington Crosswater Fly Rod.

When I first started out in saltwater fly fishing, my very first purchase was a Redington fly combo. It was a great buy and such great value for the money. The fact that it was a combo saved me a ton of money on things like a reel, fly rod, backing line, fly line and flies.

Redington Crosswater Review

Redington makes it easy for new fly fishers to get out on the water and on budget. This is what makes them stand out in the crowded space of high-end fly rods and reels aiming to serve the wider newcomers to the fly fishing sport and helps them to get started.

The Redington Crosswater fly fishing outfit offers tremendous value for money and I personally see it as a great rod for newbies up to intermediate level. As you become more experienced, you may wish to upgrade to more higher-end rods and reels but I still to this day fly fish with many Redington products as they “just work”.

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Redington Crosswater Fly Rod & Reel Outfit

Redington has been around for many years now and has quickly established themselves as the go-to company for new fly fishers looking t get into the game with a certain budget in mind. Despite being budget-driven these fly fishing anglers still want a decent fly fishing set up and one that will last them a good few years.

Built from graphite and offering medium to – fast action fly rod this fly rod is perfect for beginners and intermediate fly fishers and a great choice to begin with. You will find this rod offers a superb casting experience and handles fish extremely well. It has great features in the build and they have used quality materials built to last such as in the fly reel seat and the eye guides for which the fly line shoots through.

Features & Benefits

Now it’s important to note the benefits of the Redington Crosswater and I’ll do my best to guide you through here what I feel you should always be looking out for in a fly rod set up.


In fly fishing, we measure things know by “weight”. Not to be confused with how much something weighs but more as a metric to match up a fly rod and reel. The Redington Crosswater fly rods come in various weights such as:

  • 4wt which is 7 feet 6 inches long (also has a 9 feet option).

  • 5 weight comes in 8 feet 6 inches (also has a 9 feet option)

  • The remaining 6wt, 8wt, and 9wt are available in 9ft lengths and go further upwards to 12 feet in length.

  • These rods are slightly heavier and id tend to use a heavier rod when I’m casting into high winds to give me that casting power and to punch the fly line out some more.

Don’t worry too much about the overall weight as in how much it feels to hold as Redington have done a great job using modern technologies to ensure the fly rods feel good when held and cast.

Quality of Construction

Redington fly rods are always well constructed and in the case of the Crosswater they manufactured the rod using graphite that enables the rod to be highly durable and strong. As graphite has been used it also ensures the rod to have enough flex in it that will allow the ease of playing fish and at the same time for those that like longer casts to have a medium to fast action approach in their casting.

A clever touch is the dots that Redington have printed onto the rod, this allows an easy rod set up so that you align the dots when connecting the sections of the rod together. This gives peace of mind knowing your rod is set up and ready to hit the water.

Featuring a solid reel seat to house your fly reel. Redington have made use of anodized aluminum which will stand the test of time even in saltwater conditions which can be aggressive on fly gear.

I’ve had my Crosswater now 4 years it’s in great shape as I do recommend giving you fly gear a wash down with fresh water after each use to prolong its lifetime.

Casting action

The crosswater fly rod is a medium to fast action rod. Purposely built to allow both beginner anglers and intermediate anglers the support they will need both when casting and hooking into a playing a fish. These rods can be easily used to catch small freshwater fish right up to Saltwater Tuna who can be very aggressive when hooked.

The action will be suitable for most anglers with the benefit of its overall performance coupled with its control and hook setting. The rod responds fast and absorbs shock well to ensure great fighting ability without ripping the hook out of the fish’s mouth.


I would class this fly rod up there with its usefulness and it can be used to fly fish in freshwater and saltwater and can cast a multitude of flies from small buzzers to heavier streamers or weighted nymphs or clousers.


With this particular rod, Redington actually offer a 1 year warranty. Whilst not the longest warranty I’ve owned many Redington products over my fly fishing career and I can tell you they are wonderfully built with high quality materials

So is this Rod Any Good?

In my opinion yes it is an ill cover some Pro’s and Cons below in the table.

This rod has also received many great reviews for example on amazon where quite a number of these rods have been sold.

  • Excellent price
  • Great for beginners to intermediate levels
  • Comes preloaded with line
  • Free Carry Case
  • Can be used for Fresh/Saltwater Fishing
  • 1 year warranty

A really great fly rod combo for the money and one you wont regret buying!

In Summary

With the Redington Crosswater Fly fishing Outfit, i don’t think you can go wrong. Its a superb valued outfit and one that will stand the test of time. Having owned one myself now for the last 4 years i can vouch that it’s worth the money and a great way to get yourself set up with a nice quality fly fishing gear set up.

Im sure you will enjoy fishing with this rod and become a Redington fan just like I am!

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