Today in this article, I will review the famous Orvis Clearwater Combo Fly Rod with its complete features. There are a few things you have to do if you are looking to fish and want some more experience. Before going into the review below you must know some basic points to consider before buying any fly rod.


The size or length of the rod is one of the most important points that must be taken into account. There is nothing worse than fishing with a rod that is outside our size, both large and small, since undoubtedly the only thing we will achieve will be wrong casts that will not obtain any results.

When choosing the size, you should keep in mind that a short rod works very well in casting fishing in narrow areas, while a long rod is essential for long-distance shots. The current trend is towards shorter and thinner rods, which, thanks to the current manufacturing materials, are just as strong and powerful as the thick and long rods that were used in the past.


With the term resistance, we mean the ability of the rod to resist the fight against the fish. The first thing we must consider is that a rod must have enough resistance to drop the weight that must be used, regardless of whether it is a section, two, three, or telescopic.

However, when choosing a rod, we should not fall into the mistake of thinking that the strongest is the best. The resistance of a cane is not a characteristic that indicates quality, but is a condition of the element; in other words, the reed must simply resist what it was made for, if it did not, it would not do.


Action is the maximum weight to which the rod can be subjected at the time of casting. It is expressed in grams, normally with two numbers, which indicate the weight section that the cane supports without problems.

Indeed, each rod is designed for a specific type of fishing, based on which the level of flexion that it can reach and the limit of effort that it can withstand is established. In this sense, three moments in the cast are distinguished:

  • Critical Zone: the moment when the tip of the reed is subjected to the greatest load, being able to overcome its resistance and break easily.
  • Force zone: optimal position for the rod, where you can make the best efforts and use it correctly.
  • Tension zone: the position where the reel and line are under the greatest tension.

The action also has three different natures, which are the following.

  • Quick-action or pointed reeds: so-called because they tend to bend at their tips. They provide a greater fishing sensation but are less effective when making long casts.
  • Medium action reeds: bend in the middle of the reed. They give a good fishing feeling and are suitable for medium casts.
  • Slow or full action rods: they bend in their entire length. They are the most suitable for long casts.


It is another of the fundamental points that we must take into account in the choice of our rod, considering that it must never exceed our physical capacity. 

In any case, the rod must have the weight that the fisherman thinks appropriate since not always the lightest is better, we must not forget that in the case of needing to cast long-cast fishing equipment with long castings, the rods with the higher weight they have higher performance.


Another of the fundamental elements of the rod is its handle since it is the one that will allow the passage of sensations from the tip of the rod to the fisherman’s hand, a set of sensations that are essential when it comes to achieving results. 

If we had to highlight a series of qualities that a handle must meet, we would talk about the following:

  • Functionality: that is, the ability of the handle to provide adequate support for the angler to handle the rod.
  • A functional handle will allow better energy transfer from the fisherman’s hand and arm to the rod and line.
  • Ergonomics: a quality that allows the fisherman to handle the rod comfortably and efficiently, minimizing effort. A reed must be equipped with a handle of a size and shape that matches the number and power of the reed, as well as the standard measurements of people. A well-designed grip results in better performance and less fatigue.
  • Quality: based mainly on the type of material with which it is built, on which the durability, the sensations transmitted, the weight, etc. will depend.

Orvis Clearwater combo overview:

Orvis is a well-known company which is working in the fishing industry for the last 150 years. Orvis also understands what reliable items is the best selling, and they provide the best products in budget value than other companies.

The Orvis Clearwater combo rod is usually marked as an all-rounder fly fishing rod. The Clearwater rod has recently redesigned for customers, also upgrading this fly rod with the latest. In this fly rod, everything from the color to design all changes. Due to its midpoint, we can easily use this road in the lake or sea areas.

Benefits of Orvis Clearwater:

Benefits of Orvis Clearwater:

The Orvis Clearwater line has been rebuilt, and you will get the latest technologies for fly fishing. This Orvis Clearwater is value for money products; they justify their price and provide amazing latest features. The Clearwater fly rods equipment durable and comfortable in every condition.

Orvis travel case is also very useful; we can easily carry this fly rod by using a protective case. This protective case also makes our product secure. Orvis also provides great customer support; if we are facing any issue in our product, we can discuss with its live customer support; they solve our problem in a very short time.

Orvis Clearwater Features

Here we will discuss the latest features of the Orvis Clearwater combo. We will discuss its design and performance, which are major features of this fly rod.


The Clearwater series of fly rods are perfect and provide excellent performance. With the help of this rod, we can take our fly throwing abilities higher than ever with negligible work. 


The Orvis Clearwater fly rod has recently redesigned, and it is upgraded with the latest technologies, which make it more superior rod. The new Clearwater rods look like luxury rods with a sleek, understated dark gray finish and olive guide wraps. 


The Orvis Clearwater fly rod is designed with strong material. The reel seat is built with aluminum, and it is also strong, the graphite insert is durable and requires little maintenance. 

Cork Rod Handle

The cork handle has also enhanced, and we can hold this comfortably for long periods. The cork performance also becomes better to previous ones, and it has a smooth, clean finish.

Value for Money

If you are looking for value for the best beginner value for the money fly rod, then this is the best option in the market. Because after designing, it looks more elegant than other fly rods.

Orvis also provides 25 years warranty, which means if we face any problem in this rod, Orvis can repair this rod with its fast support.

Orvis Clearwater Buyers Review

According to many buyers, this product has been the best value for money and appreciated by the people, and in the comments, people have stated that it also the best fly rod for beginners, because everyone easily uses this rod without any difficulty.

But some people found it anglers very hard, and they face problems while using it.

  • Handy fly combo
  • Very easy to use
  • Affordable and comfortable
  • 25-year warranty
  • Protective case
  • Strong material
  • Nothing

Final Verdict

If you are looking for that fly road that gives you the best performance with strong material and also easy to use, then this Orvis Clearwater combo is the best option for you. I hope you like this Orvis review article. If you like this article, then also share it with those friends who are planning to buys a new fly road because it is the best option for him.

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