New to Fly Fishing? Orvis has been making really good fly fishing rods and reels for many years now and they are perfect for beginner and advanced anglers. An Orvis beginner fly fishing kit such as the Orvis Encounter would be a great choice if you are just starting out or considering buying one for a family member or friend.

It’s one of the best inexpensive fly rods and the best entry-level fly rods available on the market.

Orvis Encounter 5-Weight 9′ Fly Rod Outfit (4pc)

Orvis Encounter 5-Weight 9' Fly Rod Outfit (4pc)


  • An outstanding quality brand at a beginner-friendly price point
  • The rod is made of strong graphite and tough enough to fight most fish you will come across as a beginner.
  • Casting is a breeze with this fly rod and is smooth with high performance, it’s also extremely lightweight which is a major plus.
  • In the combo comes a large arbor fly reel which is great for when you first start out fly fishing which is easier to handle and can hold plenty of line.
  • The reel comes load with a trout fly line, backing and tapered leader which is all that you need to get started.
  • A 5wt rod is a great starting point to learn and master the basics of fly fishing.
  • Comes with a rod case also to keep your rod and reel safe and protected


As a starter fly fishing combo i dont have any concerns with this setup, its superb value for money and a really great piece of kit for any beginner getting into the sport.

What is a 5 WT Fly Rod?

Fly rods as you may or may not know come with a “weight” associated with them usually on a scale from 1-10. Also referenced as wt (stands for weight). 1 being the lowest weight and 10 being the heaviest weight. The lower the weight, the smaller the rod.

When setting up your fly rod and reel, ideally you want a fly reel the same as the associated weight as your fly rod for example id match a 5wt fly rod with a 5wt fly reel. With my fly line for the same set up i usually like to go 1 weight up on the fly line in this case id go with a 6 wt fly line.

I tend to go for 1 weight higher on my fly lines as I find the extra weight allows me to punch the cast better and thus get better distance on my fly casts. This can be the make or break when you are trying to reach a fish that is just that little bit further distance than normal.

If you are on a budget, this is one of the best budget fly rods that you will probably come across.

What is a Fly Line?

A fly line sits on your fly reel, is attached to another line we call backing that acts as your last defense when a fish decides to swim and strips off your fly line from the reel. The fly line usually is either a floating line, intermediate line or sinking line.

All of these mentioned types of fly lines serve a different purpose example:

Floating fly line: This line sits on the surface of the water once casted and doesnt sink.

Intermediate Fly Line: This line will submerge slighty below the surface once casted.

Sinking Fly Line: As its name sounds, this type of fly line will sink slowly.

The lines all serve one purpose, to hold a leader which holds the fly you want to attract the fish with.

They will either float on the surface to attract topwater feeding fish (floating line), those fish just below the surface (intermediate line) or those fish deeper below the surface (sinking line).


I hope you found this article useful, the Orvis brand is world-renowned for making great quality fly fishing tackle.

I am sure you will enjoy this Orvis beginner fly fishing kit, one of the best value fly rod combos that i recommend and it will help you get started in this wonderful sport.


What is the best beginner fly rod?

I recommend you start out with a fly fishing combo such as the one we’ve reviewed above. Orvis is a great brand and they build good quality fly rods.

What size fly fishing rod should i get?

This really depends on the type of fish you intend to target ie a trout vs a tuna fish is very different in size and power.

I suggest you start out with a 6-7 wt, 9ft fly rod as this is a good size to start with and will allow you to master the casting technique better.

What is a 7 weight fly rod for?

A 7wt fly rod can be used for both small and big fish. Its a mid-range level size fly rod and this is also a good starting rod size for a beginner to intermediate fly fisherman.

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