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Loop Fly Reels

Loop Fly Reels Review

Loop Reels has been around for 40 years and also know as Loop Tackle, they produce a range of high-end top quality fly fishing gear. Think of fly reels, fly rods, back packs , leaders and apparel and you will find all of these available from Loop.

With 40 years of skill and craftsmanship, Loop has brought their knowledge and experience to the market and their fly gear is targeted towards the avid fly fishermen and women.

As well as making awesome fly gear, they also manage their own Atlantic salmon rivers, invest in conservation, science and education and seek to constantly engage with their community to empower them.

Loop Classic Fly Reel

Available in a range of sizes to suit your weight class of fly fishing, the Loop Classic reel can be purchased in the following sizes:

  • #4/5
  • #5/6
  • #7/9
  • #8/11
  • 10/13

The Classic fly reel range offers an ultra-modern Power Matrix Drag System.

It encompasses a monstrous braking system the will easily control the most powerful of fish in the most extreme and harshest of fishing conditions.

Featuring a waterproof drag system which features a prominent clicking sound that will alert you to when you have a fish hooked.

Corrosion-resistant and benefitting from a new ergonomic handle design with integrated leader retainer on the counterbalance, it is comfortable to hold and you can feel the quality in the reel.

The Classic is available in either left or right-hand wind and each reel is individually numbered and presented in a handcrafted leather case.

As the name says, its a “Classic” in both its look a feel and definitely a great fly reel to have in your collection

Loop Opti Fly Reel

Available in a range of sizes to suit your weight class of fly fishing, the Loop Opti reel can be purchased in the following sizes:

  • #4 Loop Opti Creek
  • #5 Loop Opti Dryfly
  • #6 Loop Opti Rapid
  • #7 Loop Opti Runner
  • #8 Loop Opti Speed Runner
  • #9 Loop Opti Strike
  • #10 Loop Opti Megaloop
  • #11 Loop Opti Gyre
  • #12 Loop Opti BIG

The Opti fly reels are available in many sizes and diamteres which have ben designed for optimal performance and targeting different fish speices.

All models have a large arbor spool with a v shape. The V shape is designed to provide a fast and efficient retrieval and to cause minimal line memory.

Available also in left and right hand retreve which is convenient for changing up the reel retrieve pending your preference.

The most significant point of the Opti fly reels is the Power Matrix drag system.

This braking system is fully waterproof and saltwater resistant which is ideal when targeting saltwater speices.

The reels feature marine grade seals and specialized carbon braking discs.

You can easily adjust the tension and drag at ease which is extremely beneficial when fighting different types of fish.

Loop Evotec Fly Reel

Available in a range of sizes to suit your weight class of fly fishing, the Loop Evotec reel can be purchased in the following sizes:

  • G4 Featherweight – #3-5
  • G4 Featherweight – #4-6
  • G4 Featherweight – #5-7
  • G4 Lightweight – #5-8
  • G4 Lightweight – #6-8
  • G4 Lightweight – #7-9
  • G4 Heavy Weight – #8-10
  • G4 Heavy Weight – #9-13

    The Evotec series of reels have been around for sometime now and are hugely popular with the Loop Fly Fishing Community.

    The latest edition ,The Evotec G4 Fly Reel is the fourth generation to the Evotec fly reel range and is certainly built to work!

    Featuring a strong and seamlessly smooth Power Matrix drag system, the Evotec G4 series is a great reel to have on your fly rod and will give you piece of mind hen fighting those aggressive fish!

    The Evotec G4 is ergonomically designed with a non-friction winding handle. It also features a unique counter-weight and o-ring which allows you to attach your tippet when you are not casting or fishing.

    There is a range of spool colours to choose from for thoe fly fishers out there that want to match up a certain color with their fishing gear or apparel.

Loop Q-Reel

Available in a range of sizes to suit your weight class of fly fishing, the Loop Q reel can be purchased in the following sizes:

  • #4-6
  • #6-8
  • #7-9
  • #8-11

The Loop Q-Reel is available in 4 sizes and they are the latest reels to launch from Loop.

Developed over 2 years with the objective in mind to develop a reel at a very competitive price point, Loop have really delivered here!

The entire color scheme is a striking dark gunmetal grey and features Loops iconic L shaped badge of honour , neatly on the reel housing, it gives it a look and finish of quality.

As with all Loop reels, the Q-reel is no different to benefit from a powerful drag system which is useful for handling those hard-hitting fish.

The spool is lightwieght and features a V shape which in turn helps to reduce rright down any line memory.

Offering a quick retrieve, the spool can also be quickly removed or fixed back with the integrated screw cap. This is another plus point if you wish to change up fly lines to suit different or changing water conditions.

The Q-reel is the perfect fly reel for fishing a multitude of fly fishing conditions.