Is Fly Fishing Worth It

Is fly fishing worth it? I think this is only a question someone who has fly fished for a long enough period of time can answer and luckily for you ive been fly fishing for many years!

In my honest opinion yes fly fishing is worth it and here is why:

  • If you love being outdoors surrounded by nature, peace and quiet then you will love fly fishing
  • If you like the thrill of turning up each time and wondering what you will catch today, then you will love fly fishing
  • If you like the fact you can take a simple fly, cast it and present it to a fish and hook and land that fish, then you will love fly fishing
  • If you like adventure, you will love fly fishing.

I can go on but i think you get the idea, fly fishing is simply awesome!

How difficult is fly fishing?

Fly fishing like any sport is at first a challenge to learn. If i were to summarize, the most difficult part is learning how to cast the fly rod and line.

Once you’ve mastered this then its really not difficult at all to fly fish and catch fish.

If you are willing to put in a little effort at the beginning to learn the basics of casting which you easily learn in videos like these below then you’ll be away and fly fishing very quickly:

What is the advantage of Fly Fishing?

Fly fishing is a usually very lightweight tackle set up. I dont like carrying heavy gear around all day and especially if im going to be covering a bit of ground walking so this is one of the advantages i like about fly fishing.

Advantages of fly fishing:

– Lightweight tackle, easier to carry around
– It requires casting skills which you have to apply to fish properly
– It teaches you patience
– You appreciate the outdoors and hunt and thrill of sight casting to a fish
and watching it take your fly

What is the cost to get into fly fishing?

For around $100 you can get a nice start fly fishing kit so not a huge investment to try out the sport, Orvis make great starter kits, we wrote an article on one of their beginner fly fishing kits here.

Unlike other fishing sports that can cost hundreds of dollars to get started, fly fishing is very inexpensive and there are plenty of tackle options available that are good quality.

Id start out by watching a few videos first on youtube to learn the basics of fly fishing and read up on some blogs such as this one you are reading now as they will also help you understand what equipment you need to get started.

Why is fly fishing so fun?

Ive listed above some of the things i find fun about fly fishing and also one i hadn’t mentioned was meeting other fly fishing anglers and sharing tips, tricks and experiences.

Some people ive met fly fishing have gone on to become some of my best friends. I find it fun connecting with people and without fly fishing, i certainly wouldn’t have met some of the people i now call friends today!

Many other times when ive solo fly fished ive caught some amazing fish but been the only one to experience it. These are memories i will own for the rest of my life and not something anyone mass-produced in a factory!


All in all fly fishing is worth it in my opinion. Ive been fly fishing for over 20 years now and im so grateful my father got me into this sport. Its led me to go on countless adventures and meet a whole array of people i would never have had the opportunity to do so had i not taken up the sport.

Im sure you will love fly fishing as much as me but my advice is to be patient at first and seek knowledge and then get out there and practice casting and you’ll soon be a pro!

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