fly fishing vs regular fishing

Fly fishing vs regular fishing

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When it comes to fishing, most of us probably started out with what many call “normal, regular fishing”. This term is a bit open ended but ill do my best to explain in my opinion what is fly fishing vs regular fishing.

Fly fishing in summary is using a fly which consists of artificial materials such as feathers tied and bound to a hook that represents an insect or bait fish pattern and used to attract a passing fish such as a trout, salmon or saltwater pelagic.

With fly fishing its set up consists of a fly rod, a fly reel, fly line, leader or tippet and flys.

The weight of the fly fishing set up for me is much less than the set up on regular fishing and its one of the advantages of fly fishing in my opinion.

Regular fishing if we consider bait casting, usually consists of a heavier set up, you have a bait casting rod, a bait casting reel, mono line, weights, hook and your bait.

With this set up its a lot heavier to cast and transport than fly fishing.

Fly fishing involves you continuously casting until you reach the desired distance vs bait casting you cast your bait out which can be near or far and then sit and wait for a bite.

I find fly fishing can be quite tiring on the arms after many casts vs bait fishing you tend to cast out your bait once and sit and wait for a bit.

There are other points i could mention here on fly fishing vs regular fishing but it would make this article very long!

Here’s a video that will also explain:

What is the advantage of fly fishing?

As ive covered above, the main advantages i believe are:

– Easier to transport and carry your tackle around as its lightweight

– The feeling of catching a fish on a fly rod is much more natural than on a baitcasting rod as the rod and reel are heavier and you can easily over power the fish.

Is fly fishing heard to learn?

I believe there is a misconception out there that its hard to learn how to fly fish.

I believe its like anything you want to earn in life, it requires at first some practice such as the casting technique or maybe learning how to tie a fly for yourself.

After you practice then it becomes a lot easier and is like riding a bike, you just do it!

How to start fly fishing?

Id start by watching some youtube videos on the basics of casting and in general what the sport of fly fishing is about.

This method is free and there are so many videos on youtube that will really give you a lot of knowledge.

You can buy some books if you find learning from a book easier:

Alternatively, you can look for a local fly fishing guide that can give you some lessons on how to cast a fly rod and set up your fly rod and fly reel etc.

What fly fishing gear do i need?

A fly rod, fly reel, fly line, some flies and some leader or tippet is what you really need to get started.

We wrote an article on the Best Fly Fishing Combo for beginners here

This is also a great beginner fly fishing kit:

You dont need to spend a lot of money when starting out. The above beginner kit will set up back less than $100 which is a great price point to learn a new sport.

I was taught how to fly fish by my Dad and ive been fly fishing now for well over 25 years. Its a great sport and i love it over regular fishing any day!