Today I will review the Echo ion xl Fly Rod.

**If you dont want to read the whole review and just want the Pros & Cons then scroll to the bottom!

I got my first Echo Fly rod 3 years ago now and have very much enjoyed fly fishing with it. Its been on many adventures with me and I’ve caught plenty of fish from trout and salmon to pike and bass. Echo are a very good and trusted fly rod manufacturer and one that has slotted itself amongst the fly rod industry as a go-to rod builder that produce a great quality fly fishing product

Echo makes it easy for a beginner to intermediate fly fishers to get started in the sport and their rods are not as highly-priced as some other brands which is a plus if you are on a budget. The Echo ion xl fly rod offers really good value at this price point and i believe its a great rod for anyone getting started in fly fishing and all the way up to intermediate level.

The echo ion xl fly rod can be used for both freshwater and saltwater fly fishing, another great value add when considering buying a fly rod! Normally in any sport, the more experienced we become the more higher-end we go with our gear.


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Echo Ion XL Fly Rod

Echo Ion XL Fly Rod

Echo Fly Rod Company has been around for quite a number of years now and have quickly risen in the ranks to be a reputable company in the fly fishing space. Based out of the United States they make great quality fly rods and at an affordable price point for most anglers. Built from graphite and offering medium to fast action this fly rod is a great option for beginners and intermediate fly fishers which can be used on any type of water both salt and fresh!

You will find this rod offers a smooth casting experience and handles fish from various sizes well from a small lake trout to a wild and aggressive tuna fish! It is stacked with excellent features in its build and the quality of materials used to build the rod found in the fly reel seat and the oversized guides for shooting fly line when casting and helps to achieve both short and long-distance casts.

Echo Ion XL Features & Benefits

Now it’s important to note the benefits of the Echo Ion XL and I’ll do my best to guide you through here what I feel you should always be looking out for in any fly rod set up.


In fly fishing, we measure rods by their weight class so you will see terms such as “wt” or “weight” mentioned with fly rods, the same with fly reels. Not to be confused with how much something weighs but more as a metric to match up a fly rod and reel.

The Echo fly rods come in various weights such as:

  • There are 5 wt to 10 wt options that come as 10 feet long and the rod is 4 pieces
  • There is also 6wt all the way up to 9 weight which comes in at 9 feet long and also comes in 4 pieces.
  • A reasonable lightweight rod to hold and one you can easily cast at a distance and reach your desired target fish.
  • Echo have done a great job using modern technologies to ensure the fly rods feel good when held and cast and also when fighting a hooked fish.

Quality of construction

Echo fly rods are very well made and in the case of the Echo Ion XL the fly rod has been manufactured using the latest and best technology available to rod builders and its clear to see this in the Ion XL fly rod. The rod and black anodized reel seat and line guides are all built to be used in any water type be it salt or freshwater.

Graphite seems to be the most commonly used material these days in fly rod builds and this medium action fly rod is no exception. It also helps with the flexibility and casting process which in this rod is excellent. Echo has included the dots on the ends of each piece of the rod which allow you to confidently know you are assembling the rod correctly.

The purpose of the dots are simply to align the rod. This is a nice touch especially for new fly fishing folks as you want to be able to quickly set up your rod and get fishing when you are down at your favorite fishing spot. Featuring a solid black anodized reel seat to put your fly reel. Echo have made use of again good quality metals to ensure that the rod seat will stand the test of time, especially in aggressive saltwater conditions.

The rod seat features the screw locking mechanism which keeps the fly reel locked and securely in place so you don’t need to worry about it falling off. I like fishing with Echo Ion XL and i have used it before for saltwater fly fishing on the flats down in the keys as well as in the local rivers and lakes. As always with all my fly fishing gear i give them a good wash down after each use with fresh water, dry them off with a small hand towel and store them away for my next adventure.

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Casting Action

The ion xl fly rod is a medium to fast action rod. It’s designed to allow beginner and more advanced anglers ease of casting and pleasure whilst out on the water targeting decent-sized fighting fish. These rods can be easily used to catch small freshwater fish right up to large saltwater species such as salmon , pike , tuna and giant trevally who can be very aggressive when hooked.

The action of the rod will be suitable for most anglers with the benefit of its overall performance coupled with its control. The rod responds fast and absorbs shock well to ensure great fighting ability without ripping the hook out of the fish’s mouth.


This is definitely a multi-use fly rod as it can be used in any water conditions than can be used to target many species of fish and can cast a multitude of flies from small buzzers to heavier streamers, weighted nymphs and popper flys.

So is this rod any good?

In my opinion yes it is an ill cover some Pro’s and Cons below in the table. This rod has also received many great reviews online where quite a number of these rods have been sold. A really great fly rod for the money and one you won’t regret buying!

In Summary

With the Echo Ion XL Fly Rod its a winner for me! A great value-packed fly rod that is perfect for those starting out in the sport or any experienced fly fisher. The rod also has good reviews from experienced fly fishers and they offer. I’m sure you will enjoy fishing with this rod and become an Echo Ion XL fan just like I am!