Do Tuna have scales you may have asked yourself?

Yes, all tuna species do, but their scales are rather small and are all over the body to the extent they are barely visible to the naked eye. Closer up you can see scaling around the head, on their cheeks, and in a triangular area on either side the tuna’s body near the head area, unlike rainbow trout and other trout scale

Does Tuna Have Fins?

Tuna fish have fins located on the dorsal and ventral areas of their body between their dorsal and anal fins and the caudal fin. These fins as well as their tail are what propel them extremely fast through the water and allows them to maneuver extremely well also.

Does Tuna have Mercury?

Tunas have varying levels of mercury, some say unsafe however i have eaten Tuna fish all my life and not faced any problems. Atlantic bluefin tuna which is commonly used in sushi is one of the most popular tunas on the main stream food markets. Some studies have concluded that mercury may and can cause health problems for adults, including an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and neurological disorders.

Pregnant women are generally advised not to consume tuna during pregnancy as the mercury may pass across.

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