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Carrying a net with a sling pack

I often get asked about my fly fishing tackle set up when im out on the water. I usually travel and fish light but one of the things people often ask me about is carrying a net with a sling pack.

As i mentioned i try to travel as light as possible so a sling pack works well for me as i can my box of flies in it, my spare spool, some gorges, leader and few of the essentials and probably squeeze my phone in there too.

I do like to have a fly fishing net with me as this helps to land fish easier but i don’t like having to carry that separately so i usually just clip the net to the sling pack.

Most sling packs have a place to clip accessories onto and i like that fact my hands are free then and the net is close by should i need it when landing a fish.

You can use a chest pack or sling pack, both work fine.

This is the one i use now and you can see the top left corner of the image where i clip on my fly fishing net:

This chest sling pack works well for me on day trips and i can get quite a few things inside it.

If im walking a lot of distance then ill tend to opt for a bigger pack and maybe even use my rucksack style pack made by maximumcatch which has a bit more space in it.

Both these packs are really good and very lightweight. Its one of the things i like most about fly fishing is that you don’t need a ton of heavy gear like you do in other types of fishing.

Both packs assist with carrying a net with a sling pack really well and im sure you’ll find them useful like i do for fly fishing.

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