Can you fly fish in a lake? The simple answer is yes you certainly can and in this article, we will cover how you can approach fly fishing in a lake along with some useful tips from my own experiences.

What Fly Fishing Rod to Use for Lake Fishing?

When I’m freshwater fly fishing having a net with a sling pack and depending on the size of the lake and fish i am targeting, I generally use my sage 6 or 8 weight fly rod. In my case, I’m usually targeting rainbow trout and brown trout and they are around 2-7lbs in weight.

This size fly rod is more than enough to handle such a size and weight of fish. We wrote an article on the Best Fly Rods you can read it here

What Fly Reel Should I Use?

Ideally, you want to match the fly rod weight with the fly reel weight and applicable weighted forward fly line. For example, I tend to match the fly rod weight say it’s an 8 weight, I’ll match it with an 8 weight fly reel and either an 8 weight fly line or go one up on the fly line to be 9 weight.

I sometimes go one up on the fly line as it’s slightly heavier and allows me to get a bit more distance when casting. We wrote an article on the Best Fly Fishing Reels, you can read it here

What Other Fly Fishing Gear Do I Need?

You should have :

1. A spare spool for your fly reel in case you need to change up the fly lines

2. A fly fishing net

3. Fluorocarbon fishing leader or tippet

4. A box of flies to use such as nymphs

5. A pair of pliers to remove the hook from the mouth of the fish

6. A fly fishing vest

7. A hat to protect your head and face from the sun

8. A good pair of sunglasses

9. Appropriate clothing (weather depending) such as a waterproof raincoat, possibly waders if you intend to go inside the lake, or alternatively a good pair of walking style boots or shoes. Waterproof pants, or shorts (weather pending).

Food, water, and for me a nice flask of English breakfast tea :)!

In Summary

It’s good to be prepared before you set off to fly fish any lakes and hopefully the above information we have provided helped you to understand a little about what to prepare prior and that you can fly fish in a lake. Thank you for reading and tight lines!

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