Although you can fish from the shore, you will reach a lot of fish if you have access to some kind of water boat. The Best Whitewater Rafts for Fishing will allow you to get away from the shore and drop your bait in front of the fish in deep or otherwise unreachable water.

There are different kinds of boats that fishermen use to increase their reach, and the whitewater raft is one such boat. These rafts have been making waves in popularity over the past decade.

Whitewater fishing rafts is different from the ordinary boat, which is why it is very important to research these rafts before making a choice.

To make things simpler and help you pick the Best Whitewater Rafts For Fishing, our team of experts has spent days researching and testing these rafts to help you make the right choice when buying a fishing draft.

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BRIS 1.2mm 13ft...image BRIS 1.2mm 13ft Inflatable White Water River Raft custom 1 - Fly Fishing
BRIS 1.2mm 9.8ft...image BRIS 1.2mm 9.8ft Inflatable White Water River Raft custom 1 - Fly Fishing
BRIS 1.2mm 12ft...image BRIS 1.2mm 12ft Inflatable White Water River Raft custom 1 - Fly Fishing
Intex 68325EP Excursion...image Intex 68325EP Excursion Inflatable 5 Person White Water River Raft custom 1 - Fly Fishing
Intex Mariner 4,...image Intex Mariner 4, 4-Person Inflatable White Water River Raft custom 1 - Fly Fishing


NRS Outlaw 140 Self Bailing Rafts

NRS Outlaw 140 Self Bailing Rafts

This raft has an incredible reputation. From rafting guides to fly fishing guides, it’s possible to hear that the vast majority of them recommend NRS Outlaw 140 rafts.  In fact, these rafts are so popular that many raft makers recommend pairing their rafts with NRS raft.

Among the rafts manufactured by NRS is Outlaw 140 and it has a proven record of multi-day trips and tackling big whitewater. This 7 foot 2-inch width provides load capacity for multiple fishing equipment and stability; at the same time still remains small enough for technical whitewater.

NRS Outlaw raft will get you on the water without any need for a second mortgage. It is built to last, constructed with durable welded 2000/4000 denier PVC. The 4-inch thick drop-stitch floor inflates between 8 to 10 psi, which gives the boat a firm wave-punching ride and at the same time providing a stable platform for standing in the boat to fish.

Easily interchangeable thwart makes it very fast to change back and forth from a paddleboat to an oar rig. The Outlaw is your right ticket to get out there and enjoy the river.

Recently, this fishing raft has become very popular among fishermen and the following are some of the great features that make NRS Outlaw 140 Self Bailing Rafts fishermen favorite.

  • The 12 stainless steel 2 D-rings give enough of tie-down points for frame and tackle.

  • Frame wear patches on the top of the tubes and additional materials on the bottom of the side tubes protect against wear and abrasion.

  • The four handles make it easy to convey to raft to the water

  • The three major-tube air chambers that keep you floating in case of accident.

  • Also, the self- bailing bottom with quick-draining holes allows you to abandon your bucket at home.

  •  The unproblematic Leafield C7 valves guarantee easy deflation/inflation of the tubes, thwarts, and floor
  • Very popular amongst fishermen
  • Self Bailing
  • Solid structure even on choppy water
  • Great value
  • None to report


13 Foot Saturn Whitewater Raft

13 Foot Saturn Whitewater Raft

This is one perfect raft that can help you go through those tight streams and rivers with comfortable capacity for five adults and tackle. The technological design of this raft has made it one of the most popular fishing models for the decade.

This raft comes with a floor that provides 70 percent more protections to the raft entire bottom surface. It was specially designed for boaters who venture out to fight the toughest water conditions with the audacity to go through the boniest water with the sharpest rocks.

You can even target those cuts, bows, browns, and smallies without having to fret about how to avoid all the rocks and debris. Durability has significantly improved with 5-layer PVC flooring that provides a very durable surface when slamming around the skinny water and rocks that you will find in certain seasons.

These numerous air chamber aid you safely return to shoreline in the event of any accidental puncture. One greater feature of this raft is the plastic strake that offers a thick protecting layer that surrounds the outer tubes. The following are the two major benefits of 13′ Saturn White Water Raft.

  • Very maneuverable
  • Rugged construction
  • None to report


Aire Tributary Twelve HD Self Bailing Raft

Aire Tributary Twelve HD Self Bailing Raft

This is a very flexible boat that excels on tight and small rivers where big boats won’t dare to go. It is secure enough for folks on easy rivers, but agile for adults in need of whitewater fun. The Aire Tributary Twelve HD is a great choice for a fishing fanatic or river guide.

It is good for a family voyage, but agile enough for a team of 4 to 5 people in technical whitewater. As for fishing guides, the slightly smaller dimensions of Aire Tributary 12 give the raft it rapid mobility that you won’t get with the bigger rafts.

Aire raft has a good reputation among whitewater enthusiasts. As a matter of fact, Aire produces urethane air chamber and tubes for some other renowned raft companies since their products are truly outstanding.

Their rafts are designed to withstand challenge and technical water, but the general comfort and design quality show up during fishing expeditions and long days on the water. This Aire’s Tributary twelve excels on tight and small rivers where bigger boats would not dare.

This means it has to be strong enough to absorb bangs and bumps from bony rocky waters. The beefy 42 ounces 2000 denier PVC construction is well equipped for the rigors of Whitewater Rivers. The following are some of the features that made these raft fishermen favorite.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to move from car to water
  • High-quality rubber outerlay
  • None to report

BRIS 13 Foot Whitewater River Raft

BRIS 13 Foot Whitewater River Raft

These river rafts are handcrafted and built strong with quadruple reinforced seams. The main tubes are made with 2000 denier of 1.2 mm high quality, thick fabric. Also, the bottoms are made of heavy-duty 1.2mm thick material with an additional 140mm breadth rubber strake at the base of the tubes.

The sturdy D-rings, entire-length side rub strakes and handle add unique value to this raft. The latest models also come with detachable drop stitch air floors that help for easy replacement or repairs. Its exceptional self- bailing system offers you the opportunity to choose the right speed for the best performance.

This comes with an unbelievable price among whitewater rafts. It has a capacity of 8 passengers for a modest more than $1000; the raft also lets you experience river adventures at a fraction of the price of other rafts.

BRIS rafts don’t have the reputation of Aire and NRS. But, despite that, customers care about the quality and capacity of this raft. The major tubes are made with 2000 denier of high-quality PVC with a thickness of 1.2 mm.

The bottom is also made of durable 1.2mm solid PVC with a 140mm thick rubber plastic streak around the floor of the major tubes. The full-length side strakes offer an additional layer of protection against damage and abrasion.

The major tubes have four single chambers for a good safety cushion in the event of unintentional puncture. The tubes are fitted with pressure relief valves to combat over-inflation. The following are the features that make this raft one of my favorite.

  • It’s cheaper than most 13 foot rafts.
  • It has four individual chambers
  • A Six soft lifting handles both side and front
  • It has a Pressure release valve
  • The tubes bottom is covered with 140mm width protecting rubber
  • Drop stitch air floor with self bailer holes
  • Drop stitch air floor with self bailer holes
  • Pressure release valve
  • Lowest price vs most 13 foot rafts
  • None to report

NRS Otter 130 Self Bailing Raft

NRS Otter 130 Self Bailing Raft

All NRS Otter series are manufactured to quality standards. Rafting and fishing guides don’t pause to recommend NRS rafts. And among other NRS rafts, Otter 130 is the most admired raft in the NRS series. It has a good reputation and construction. At 6 feet 2 inches wide, this raft is perfect for big water and tight streams.

It can take you to where drift boat can, and bigger boat would either be too wide to drag bottom and would not be able to cross shallow or tight water. But Otter 130 rides are great even when fully loaded for a weekend voyage. As a standalone raft, the Otter 130 holds up to eight crew members.

The addition of a fishing frame brings the draft into its own category, with an unequaled fishing prowess. For serious fishing using sunglasses adventures, HD40 floor guard on the tube base protects your boat from the tear and wear of beaches and boulders.

The 12 stainless steel 2 inch D-rings offer enough tie-down points for fishing frames and extra gear. The detachable thwarts open up the floor plan for coolers and all kinds of gear. Although a third thwart can also be added if necessary.

The bombproof, NRS E-130 raft works very well for little rowing frames, paddle crews, and NRS fishing frame. An additional foot in length of more than 120 allows for extra paddlers and more gear. The following are some of the best features of NRS Otter 130 Self Bailing Raft.

  • Four major tube air chambers that provide additional security in an emergency situation.
  • The self-bailing cockpit with fast-draining holes allows you to leave your bucket home. 
  • Durable Pennel Orca which has an excellent cockpit, abrasion and UV-resistant for unequaled durability.
  • NRS strike allows you to easily add or remove thwarts to contain paddlers or rowing frame.
  • The 14 2″ D-rings with six happen make launching with tackle rigging and the E-130 a snap.
  • It comes with 10 years retail warranty, 6 years commercial warranty
  • 10 years retail warranty, 6 years commercial warranty
  • Excellent cockpit abrasion and UV-resistant
  • Self-bailing fast drainage cockpit holes
  • None to note

How to Choose the Best Whitewater Raft?

There are a lot of things to consider when buying a whitewater raft. Most people avoid checking them out and end up purchasing an irrelevant product.

I created this buying guide with the intention of helping you in every way possible. So carefully take a look at the following points:

  • Size: The most important thing when buying a whitewater raft is to choose the right size. It must have enough space that contains your important gear. Rafting a boat with insufficient space doesn’t only affect your experience, but also endangers safety.

  • Performance:  If you want to buy the best product, then it is vital to be aware of the performance required for it. Gear produced for silent water will not work well in the fastest water. Also, bigger rafts won’t work very well in waters with heavier waves.

  • Quality: The quality of material used in the production of whitewater raft is very important. It really affects the durability and the tendency of the raft to last long. If you want a raft for regular recreational activities, then one with PVC material will be a great choice. Whereas for commercial activities raft, you will need a raft made from materials such as polyurethane or Hypalon.

  • Safety Level: Nothing is as important as safety when on the water. Saving money instead of your life will never make sense. Therefore, you should buy a raft worthy of saving the passengers.


I have tested all the products on this list of the Best Whitewater Rafts For Fishing to ensure their rigidity, safety, and durability. In addition, it is used by thousands of people and the vast majority of them have spoken positively about them.

You can choose any of them based on your choice, and we guarantee you will not be disappointed. And if you carefully follow this guide, there is the full possibility that you will purchase the best whitewater raft for your fishing activity. In conclusion, if you need a fishing raft that is ready to rock and roll, then these rafts are the answer.

Enjoying whitewater rafting is a lifetime experience that everyone should enjoy at least once in their lifetime.  Also, it comes with a unique experience when the waves smash and everyone shouts with excitement on each other. In addition to the thrill, one can get some health benefits through this activity.


How do I choose a whitewater raft?

Ideally the wide your boat is the more stable it should be. This is due to the spread across the surface of water. This can also be determined by the size of the side tubes that keep the boat afloat. having a wider boat limits passageway though should you be intending it to go through narrow passageways.

What are whitewater rafts made of?

Most whitewater rafts are made these days from PVC and or Rubber. These materials are knw to be more durable and be less prone to damage under intense sunlight.

What is better Hypalon or PVC?

Hypalon was considered to be a superior material but due to the issues it cause on the environment and the high manufacturing costs, they discontinued it in mass raft producing and now the main stream rafts are made from a PVC material.

How long do PVC inflatable boats last?

Most PVC boats will last from 2-10 years and entirely depend on how you take care of your boat. if stored away properly and cleaned down after usage, you should see your boat having a lifespan of 4-6 years on average.


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