Fly fishing is an active sport year round and requires you to have different sets of fly fishing gear available in order to partake in the sport. One important piece of fly gear especially during the winter fly fishing seasons is to have a good wading jacket.

This will ensure you stay warm and safe and it can also provide some additional space to store accessories and tools you may need to keep close to you. In this article below I will review some of the best wading jackets to help you understand what to consider when purchasing a fly fishing wading jacket.


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Waterproofing and Airventing Ability – Will it keep you dry


One of the most important factors when deciding on a wading jacket is whether it will keep you dry and comfortable when out fly fishing. Naturally when fishing a river or lake and during fall or winter you need to consider that there will be a high chance of rain and indeed cooler temperatures.

I’ve fly fished for many years and all year round and there is nothing worse, I can think of than getting soaked through from a passing rain shower, to then find that it has passed through your outer lining jacket shell and onto your inner layers, resulting in you getting wet!

Now im sure you will agree, being wet and cold is not a cool thing at all and in fact can lead you to catch a cold or worse still decide to pack up for the day and head home! As mentioned above, a wading jacket is a vital part of your fly fishing gear and will be there to help keep you stay warm and fly fishing all day without the fear of getting wet!



Undoubtedly there have been different technologies come to market over the years and without a doubt, Gore-tex is “the” if not the best and market leader in waterproofing materials used not only for fly fishing apparel but also for many outdoor sports apparels.

It is well known to be waterproof but also allows great breathability benefits. The team and technology behind these jackets is amazing but at the same time can be expensive and if you are new to the sport of fly fishing then you may not be in the market to splash a lot of cash on a fly fishing wading jacket.

But very expensive and not within the budget of every fly fishing angler. The good news is there are other manufacturers that have come up with different technology and offer just as good results with different materials and at a price that is affordable to most.

Best Fly Fishing Wading Jackets $350 and above

Wading jackets in this price range in generally will have much better waterproofing and constructed and layered to help keep the warmth in and the rain out. With the higher price tag they are usually more quality manufactures and the end product is built to last you for years to come

Wading Jackets in this category will have gore-tex or very similar outer membranes that will keep you extremely dry in the worst of weather. Like with most sports, professionals and in this case Guides will usually be seen wearing top brands such as Simms and Stomr as they invest in a product that will work day in and out as their time is heavily spent on the water and taking clients out to fly fish.

If you are looking for a higher-priced wading jacket in this price range then I would highly recommend going for this option so as you know you will have a quality jacket that will serve its purpose. I will go over now some of these options so that you can take a decision for yourself and towards the bottom of the article are further options with different pricing options to suit all budgets.

1. Simms G4 Pro Wading Jacket


Simms G4 Pro Wading Jacket - Fly Fishing


Simms are undoubtedly one of the leaders in Wading Jackets and have a few models to select from. The Simms G4 Pro Wading Jacket is an excellent choice and is solidly constructed to offer warmth; windbreak and waterproofing that will stand almost any kind of weather.

Features and Specs:

  • Featuring Gore-Tex and Nylon as the main materials providing 100% waterproof coverage and will protect you from the most adverse weather.  
  • With a three-layer fabric build this makes the Simms G4 Pro Wading Jacket comfortable and warm to wear. Breathability is also further enhanced by the unique mesh material in the inner part of the jacket allowing free flowing air circulation.
  • The solidly built zippers are water resistant and made using YKK VISIONARY Aquaguard technology, another top quality zipper manufacture.
  • Featuring 9 pockets on the jacket overall that are generous and spacious to accommodate your fly boxes, accessories and valuables.
  • Around the chest area sit 2 bellowed pockets and zippered pockets. The other pockets are 1 tippet pocket, 1 sleeve pocket, 1 inner pocket,  plus 1 back pocket that is large enough to store your fishing net and any other accessories you are carrying .
  • The hood is big enough to cover your head and keeps your face well protected. To provide a perfect fit it comes with three adjustment areas so if you feel like you need to let in some air around your head, you can easily tuck the hood away.
  • The Cuffs are designed to snug fit and are weather resistant to keep your arms and shoulders dry and warm throughout.
  • The bottom of the jacket is fitted with a dual draw-cord. The cord is for adjusting the main waist area of your jacket and you can apply the pressure you feel adequate via the drawstrings.
  • Simms prides itself on quality and goes above and beyond to ensure that its wading products are made from the highest-grade material whilst not compromising on durability.

  • With the Simms G4 Pro Wading Jacket, it is advisable to strictly follow their cleaning instructions for after use, this will ensure your jacket stays in tip-top condition and lasts for years to come!
  • Large Hood
  • Snug Cuffs
  • 2 Drawstring closure
  • Covers down to the waistline only




2.Simms G3 Guide Wading Jacket


Simms G3 Guide Wading Jacket - Fly Fishing

As with the G4 jacket, the Simms G3 is also an excellent choice of wading jacket. As we all know form being out fly fishing, the weather at times is just very unpredictable , with the G3 Wading jacket, fear not as it will certainly keep you well protected from the rain and keep you dry on the water.

Features and Specs:

  • Gore-Tex and Nylon material which is 100% waterproof and windproof.
  • The GORE-TEX technology is used to design a wonderful three-layered approach that boosts the capabilities to provide long-lasting warmth. No need to worry about the cold with the Simms G3 wading jacket as it is built to provide warmth and keep you dry.
  • The clever capability to provide air venting is also built into the G3 and by having this you can be sure to be kept comfortable when walking from any fishing spot to the next and event when standing still. The jacket is extremely comfortable to wear and an excellent option when considering purchasing a wading jacket.
  • Featuring 7 pockets which are large and spacious and generous enough to accommodate all your gear and valuables. It’s easy to organize yourself with the G3 with the clever locations of the pockets:  Two main pockets are in the chest area, one on the left breast and one on the right. A main zippered pocket is, one interior stash pocket and two micro fleece hand-warmer pockets accessed via zippers so you can keep your hands warm when taking a break from your fishing.
  • Snug fit cuffs are there to provide additional waterproofing and keep your arms and shoulders dry.
  • The jacket features a storm hood which is fully adjustable to suit your head size providing again protection from wind , rain and snow. As with the Simms G4 Jacket, the hood can easily be tucked and store away if you don’t need to use it.
  • On the bottom of the jacket there is a dual draw-cord that can be adjusted to provide a snug and comfortable fit whilst also keeping out any rain water.
  • The solidly built zippers are water resistant and made using YKK technology, a top quality zipper manufacture.

The Simms G3 Guide Wading Jacket is a great choice you are looking for a lightweight and comfortable fly fishing jacket to wear and we are sure you will find its performance unmatched.

  • Waterproof and Windprood
  • Full Gore-Tex
  • YKK Zippers
  • Adjustable waist
  • High priced than other brands




3.Stormr Typhoon Wading Jacket

Stormr Typhoon Wading Jacket

Moving onto a different price range of wading jackets the Stormr brand has rapidly grown over the past few years and become known as an affordable and quality fishing gear manufacturer.  The Stormr Typhoon Wading Jacket is made of neoprene and constructed to a fine level of quality. As with the brand name they are designed for all types of weather including storms!

The neoprene and Fusion Vapr technology deployed during the manufacturing process can easily be seen throughout this jacket and provides long lasting durability. Suitable for fresh or salt water, it’s a wading jacket that will provide you full protection in many weather conditions.

Features and Specs:

  • Featuring neoprene material which is 100% waterproof and windproof you will stay dry and warm every time. The interior lining features fleece which is known for providing warmth so you can rest easy in the colder times.
  • The seams are glued and stitched to provide extra durability and are well finished to make this jacket durable able to withstand the elements.
  • The waist area is made well and features a tight seal which eliminates any chances of any water seeping in as well as an adjustable shock cord that allows you to tighten or loosen the waist area for better comfort.
  • All the featured zippers are weather resistant. The two shorter ones are for accessing the pockets. The longer frontal zipper runs from the bottom to the neck area with ease.
  • The hood is well built and is big enough to cover your head and protect your face from wind and rain. You can also roll up the hood and slip it over the collar.
  • Two lower pockets one on each side can be accessed via the waterproof zippers. Their interiors are fitted with fleece to keep you warm when not fishing and taking a break. The pockets are spacious enough to store fly boxes and valuables or a mobile phone.
  • Featuring snug fit cuffs that are also resistant to weather and rain providing further peace of mind when in the winter months.

The amazing design of the Stormr Typhoon Wading Jacket will leave you amazed and it is a great jacket to consider for your outdoor adventures including fly fishing.

  • Spacious pockets
  • Large hood
  • Great price!
  • Feels more like a fleece jacket




4.Wright & McGill


Wright & McGill


Next up we have the amazing Wright McGill Essentials Big Horn Wading Jacket. Designed to protect you from the elements whilst at the same time lightweight, warm and weather resistant.

Features and Specs:

  • Featuring waterproof fabric and integrated with breathable material to allow air circulation when the temperatures reach peak. A four-layer construction makes the entire jacket durable. With the mesh interior the jacket is perfect in normal weather and if it’s cold you have the back up of a fleece base layer.
  • Zippers are nicely oversized and are built to allow any wet or cold fingers access the pockets. Zipper areas are covered via an extended waterproof flap designed to prevent water getting in.
  • It comes constructed with two big tackle pockets. Pockets are lined with hand warmers and fleece to warm your hands when the temperatures are low. Big enough to put in the largest of fly boxes there is plenty of room for items in these jacket pockets. In the interior right upper chest, other pockets to store in your valuables or a mobile phone are convenient.
  • The Hood is large and covers you head and face well and protects from the weather. It can be quickly adjusted via two draw pulls.
  • The neoprene cuffs are also waterproof and can be easily secured with a comfortable fit.
  • A nice addition is the gear pouch located in the rear which is very easily accessible which ensures you don’t have to take off the jacket to access it.

In you plan on being out in unpredictable weather then the Wright McGill Essentials Wading Jacket is a wonderful choice. Its will keep you warm and well protected whilst outdoors and can be relied on time and time again.




Best Fly Fishing Wading Jackets under $150


1.Compass LG Guide Wading Jacket


Compass LG Guide Wading Jacket


Don’t worry about the weather with this jacket! The team behind the Compass LG Guide Wading Jacket have really made something great here.  

Features and Specs:

  • Featuring 100% waterproof material and made also with Polyester the fabric dry extremely fast and thus is a perfect option for wearing outdoors. It’s also easy to clean and require little care to keep the jacket preserved. The interior is extremely breathable and provides good air circulation so you don’t sweat and can keep cool.
  • Featuring an adjustable hood that fastens with a press stud and with fleece lining around the bottom of the hood and around the chin and neck the jacket has been designed with comfort, warmth and weather protection in mind.
  • 6 pockets are included for all your needs, accessories and fly boxes. 4 pockets are in the chest area and 2 located in the lower half of the jacket close to your hand pockets.  The pockets all feature water proof zippers and the two side pockets are pre-lined with fleece providing warmth for your hands.
  • The zippers have pull tags that are water resistant ensuring protection to the items inside of your pockets. The main and frontal zipper is further protected with an overlapping seam that locks in place via further press stud style buttons. This system also helps to provide no water leaking in from rain and wind break.
  • Featuring a shock cord waist which is fully adjustable to your preferred size and provides extra comfort.
  • The team at Compass have set the bar here with the Compass LG Wading Jacket and at this price point it’s very hard to beat.  A great choice of wading jacket if you are on a budget but want quality to match with durability and all round weather protection.

  • Adjustable waist
  • 6 pockets – Plenty of storage
  • Large hood
  • Fully Waterproof
  • Unknown brand



We hope you found the above choices in depth and have helped to answer any questions you have been wondering about. When it comes to apparel we believe the above are some of the best wading jackets that you should consider.

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