Looking for the Best Saltwater Fly Reels, then you are in the right place!

Saltwater Fly fishing is a wonderful sport and having transitioned some time ago from freshwater fly fishing due to relocating to a country surrounded by Saltwater I have to say its been an extremely enjoyable sport for me and continues to be so. Today I’m going to help you find the best saltwater fly reel for your needs with my top best saltwater fly reels listed below most of which I have used or own personally!

With Saltwater fly fishing, you need tackle that stands up to the harsh conditions and hammering saltwater does to your gear so today and below I will be reviewing for you the best saltwater fly reels. My fly reel reviews below hopefully will give you some further insight if you are perhaps considering to purchase a new saltwater fly reel and the things you should consider when making a purchase.

The Saltwater best fly reels below are in the higher priced range which I do believe from experience are well worth the investment as they are from top brands and come with great warranties.

The Best Saltwater Fly Reels

Photo Title Buy
Redington Reels Behemoth...image Redington Reels Behemoth 11/12 Reel, Gunmetal custom 1 - Fly Fishing
Hardy Hrexdst010 Fortuna...image Hardy Hrexdst010 Fortuna XDS Reel Fly Reels custom 1 - Fly Fishing
M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch...image Maxcatch Sprint Fully Sealed Saltwater Fly Reel custom 1 - Fly Fishing
Redington Grande 9/10/11...image Redington Grande 9/10/11 Fly Reel - Marine custom 1 - Fly Fishing
Hardy Ultralite Sdsl...image Hardy Ultralite Sdsl Saltwater Fly Reel custom 1 - Fly Fishing