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Fly fishing is a very popular sport all over the world, and is generally practiced in every country around the world.

Fly fishing is a great way to relax, focus, and get a good dose of fresh air. To get the most out of this fun activity, however, it’s important to invest in the best fly-tying kit so you can learn to tie your own flys!

Here in this article, I will review the best fly tying kit and also guide you on how to buy a fly tying kit by noting some important points!

My Recommendation:

If you do not have time and you are not interested in reading the full reviews including pros and cons below then, I will tell you the best fly tying kit is WETFLY Deluxe Kit.

If you are a beginner or professional, then this flying tying kit is the best option for you because it comes with lots of features at a budget price.

It comes with almost all necessary tools and also has a DVD for beginner’s guide.

My Top 5 best Fly Tying kits

Buying Guide: Flying tying important material

With the right fly tying equipment, your collection of flys will become an art like process and you will soon see the benefit in making your own flys. There’s nothing better than catching a fish on a fly you made with your very own hands!

But the art of fly tying is a real masterpiece in itself. Besides, it is a fabulous exercise to learn to imitate nature. But to succeed in this art of fly tying, you are going to need good materials and especially the right tools.

Faced with the multitude of existing tools, a beginner to fly tying will quickly lose his patience. However, with the right advice, you can start to tie flys with a few basic tools and materials. Here I will guide you about tying flys and its components.

Box of flys

Choice of vice for flying tying

A vise is an essential tool for flying tying. It is used to hold the hook during the assembly of flies.

You will find in-store or online fly vises of all brands and top quality. Of course, the prices can range from low to high.

All the major brands of fly tying nowadays offer a breathtaking choice of vises.

There are several types of vise for flying tying. Depending on the materials and technology used, its price will vary from time.

The first criterion to choose will, therefore, be your budget. The second will be your knowledge level.

Let me explain; a beginner will not have the same need as a professional fly tier.

However, if you want to acquire a functional and above all, durable fly vise, it is essential to take into account certain criteria.

The different materials:

The choice of the materials of manufacture is an essential element which must be taken into account during your purchase. It will determine not only its durability but also the aesthetics and its lightness. The best models of vises for fly tying, are mostly produced by:

  • Anodized aluminum alloy
  • Polished brass
  • Graphite 

Fixing systems of vise:

There are two main types of fly vise on the market, depending on their attachment system. These are following Fly vice system:

  • On base
  • And those with a clamping base

The vise on-base advantages:

  • Incomparable stability 
  • Easy to move
  • Less restrictive to cleaning. (the surplus of feathers do not fall on the ground but your table)

Advantages of fixing vise:

  • Easily attaches to any kind of support

Tools for fly tying

To complete your fly tying, in addition to the vise, you will need to provide yourself with several tools. These are the following tools that we need for flying tying.

Fly tying material: the grommet

A grommet is an ideal tool that allows you to easily thread the nylon of your hook into the eyelet of a small hook. In our case, it is also used to pass the assembly thread or FLOSS silk through your reel holder.

  • Insert the grommet into the eyelet of your fly
  • Put your nylon in the diamond of the grommet
  • Bring out your fly

The dubbing needle

The dubbing needle allows you to ruffle your dubbing after assembling the body or abdomen. Whether natural or synthetic, the needle will make your montages more alive in the water.

The hackle pliers

The hackles pliers are essential for the fly tying to facilitate the wrapping of the feathers around the hook of the hook. To use this, you just need to:

  • Simply attach the feather to the hook through the mounting wire
  • Lock the other end with the pliers
  • Wrap the material while holding the tool handle.
  • Let the pliers still attached to the pen hang down
  • Calmly secure everything with the mounting wire.

The whip finisher

The “Whip-Finisher” is a tool allowing you to finish your flies by making the final knot, and of course, it can be used for intermediate knots.

As always, you will find several models on the market, but the principle of use remains the same.

Twister to dubbing

The dubbing twister will help you achieve a magnificent body or chest of your flies.

Fly reel holder

The reel holders allow you to effectively wind the mounting wire to make the body and wings of your flies.

The choice of the latter will be mainly based on the size of the mounting silk spools that you use. Indeed, depending on the reels you use, you will probably have to twist the branches to reach your end.

Pair of scissors

This tool is often very little considered. However, the pair of scissors is essential for the fly taster. He is brought to use it to cut all types of materials.

UV resin for fly mounting

UV resins are intended for mounting flies. These resins are very popular, especially because of their ease of use. They are essential for making certain models.

UV lamp for fly mounting

The UV lamp is used to cure any type of UV resin quickly. You will have the choice between lamps with:

  • 9 LEDs
  • 21 LEDs

The magnifying glass

Magnifiers are ideal for working on very small imitations and for all meticulous editing. But also, for all those who begin to have vision problems.

1. Orvis Fly-tying Kit

If you are looking for a durable kit that will serve you for many years, then you take a look at the Orvis to fly mounting kit. The kit is perfect for beginners as it includes an educational DVD. The DVD contains tutorials on how to use the tools in the kit and also assembly sheets.

You will also get info for 8 simple patterns and 8 guide-proven premium patterns in this flying kit. The carrying case is made of thin plastic, which guarantees its long- durability over several years.

I suggest this flying kit especially for beginners. Although it does not have a wide variety of brushes, it contains every single tool and item inside the portable carrying case.

This kit comes at a great quality tool-set and clamp. These tools provide a bobbin filled with ceramics, scissors, bodkin, half-hitch tool, hackle pliers, hair stacker, and whip finish.

Almost all any tool is made of stainless steel which makes it very durable. 


  • Instructional DVD
  • 8 basic patterns
  • 8 guide-proven premium patterns
  • 54 pieces
  • 160 flies
  • Carrying case
  • Suitable for beginners
  • High quality materials
  • The kit has everything
  • One of the higher price options

2. WETFLY Deluxe Kit

A good fly tying kit is what determines your overall fishing experience. The WETFLY Deluxe Kit has a complete set of fly tying tools. Therefore, it is highly recommended for beginners and intermediate anglers. 

That’s all you need for an adventure in the art of fly tying. The kit contains more than 20 items. The tools are made from high-quality materials. Some of the tools include scissors, hackle tongs, and a vice.

The mounting materials included in the kit are Caterpillar, a feather for hackles, dubbing, etc.

Also, three hook sizes are included in this flying tying kit. The tools are contained in a nice case, keeping everything in one place and well organized. To conclude, the fly tying kit includes a book and a DVD.


  • Include Book
  • DVD also present
  • Super AA Vise with a C-clamp
  • Hackle pliers
  • Hair stacker
  • Bobbin threader
  • Quality tools
  • Kit includes book & DVD
  • Reasonable price
  • Beginner angler focused
  • Nothing to note

3. Scientific Anglers Fly Tying Kit

The Deluxe Scientific Anglers Kit is a perfect fly tying kit for both expert and beginner anglers.

Most importantly, it has special features to meet the needs of beginner fishermen. The kit comes with everything you need to start tying flies.

The box contains about twenty articles for the fly tying, which range from basic tools, hooks, and quality materials well packaged in a luxury travel/storage case. 

You will find everything you need to make drowned flies, nymphs, streamers, and dry flies. Some of the tools you will find include a vice, a reel holder, a pair of scissors, wire, marabou, hackle feathers.

The price is quite reasonable considering all the equipment it has


  • Quality tools
  • Travel case
  • Solid starter vise
  • Versatile c-clamp base
  • Durable
  • Quality case
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Lightweight
  • No Whip Finisher Included

4. Rotary Fly Tying Vice

If you are a person who appreciates an elegant aesthetic when it comes to storing your tools, you will appreciate the Rotary Vise fly tying kit.

It comes with a hinged wooden box, lined with felt; the kit includes 14 basic tools you will need to correctly mount your flies.

Personally, I think this kit is a great choice for beginners or if you want to keep a separate set of tools for traveling.

The quality of the tools is satisfactory. Certainly, they are not among the best high-end tools. But the price/quality ratio is really exceptional. 


  • Heavier gauge steel
  • Wooden Box
  • Better quality lining
  • Strong fly-tying vice

7 practical and useful tips to start fly tying

  1. Contact a fly club back home. The majority of clubs offer courses on fly tying. So you will know the basics to start the art of fly tying.
  2. The energy at the start will no doubt push you to want to buy lots of equipment to start making your flies. Especially do nothing before your first lesson. There you will receive all the advice on materials and tools to get.
  3. Find a good fishing store near your home. You will find advice and appropriate help because any trader wants only your property (money) and wishes to see you again quickly. 
  4. Always mount flies in series. Always start with the largest hook size. Then decrease as you go. You will see that quickly, the quality of your flies will improve.
  5. The lighter or the cutter will be your precious friends. If a fly doesn’t suit you, so do not hesitate to use your flame or your blade to undo it to retrieve the hook. 
  6. Don’t fall in love with the marketing sirens. You have no need for the latest fashionable materials. The fishing manufacturers catch the fishermen before the fish.
  7. Do not hesitate to make your encroachments in a DIY store. You will find equipment of good quality at more attractive prices than in your fishing store.


How does a fly tying vise work?

In simple terms, its a specially craft piece of metal that attaches to a desk or work bench and allows you to tie artificail flys for use in fly fishing.

What is the best fly tying kit for beginners?

Any of the above fly tying kits will work perfectly for a beginner bu i reccomend the WET FLY VISe for beginners.

Is Fly Tying worth it?

In my opinion , yes it is worth it. Theres nothig better than catching a fish on a fly you tied and created yourself!

It will also over time save you money as you’ll be able to make the yourself at a fraction of the cost in the fly tackle shops.

Is Fly Tying hard?

At the beginning it can be a little trciky to understand but there are many wonderful tutorial videos online you can watch or books you can buy to teach you the basics.


I hope you like this detailed flying tying kit article, where i reviewed the best products available now.

If you follow all of the above tips, I am positive that you find fly tying very easy after using these tips.

If you like my content, then please also share with those friends who are planning to buy new flying tying kits.

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