If you are looking to add more tackle to your fly fishing arsenal, one of the things you definitely need is a good fly fishing net. I will go over, what I believe are the best fly fishing nets as well as some further pointers and good information on what to look out for when buying a fly fishing net as well as why you need a fly fishing net.


My Best Nets For Fly Fishing

Photo Title Buy
SF Fly Fishing...image SF Fly Fishing Landing Soft Silicone Rubber Mesh Trout Catch and Release Net with Black Magnetic Net Release Combo Kit custom 1 - Fly Fishing
Wakeman Fishing Retractable...image Wakeman Fishing Retractable Rubber Landing Net - 35 Inch Handle custom 1 - Fly Fishing
Frabill Conservation Series...image Frabill Conservation Series Landing Net with Camlock Reinforced Handle, 20 X 23-Inch, Premium Landing Net, Multi (9510) custom 1 - Fly Fishing
Fishpond Nomad Emerger...image Fishpond Nomad Emerger Net- Brown Trout custom 1 - Fly Fishing


FishPond Fishing NetMost expensive!




FishPond is without a doubt one of the best in the business when in comes to making fly fishing gear including fly fishing nets! They are always made to the very highest standards with gives you peace of mind that you are investing in a product that will stand the test of time, hence their price tags.

The Nomad Guide Net is what i would class as a long net, longer than your normal handheld net so its great for short close up netting and mid-range netting. This can work well when you want to catch a fish close by or for those fish that just dont want to give up and refuse to come in close!

If you have a guide with you when fishing, then they can easily support by landing the fish with this type of net but its also perfect for using when solo fishing. Made from carbon fiber net and weighing approximately 1.2 pounds, that’s pretty light for this size net. Having used the net myself, it doesn’t feel heavy and its as light as a normal close up short net.

Made from Carbon fiber means it will last the test of time, so no worries in spending a little more on a quality build a brand such as fishpond. Featuring a clear rubber mesh, its perfect for supporting catch and release and won’t hurt the fish that you catch. I tend to use rubber or mesh nets for this purpose as its less stressful for the fish when i release them back to the water.

I highly recommend this net for those that are serious about their fly fishing game and the tackle they use. Its a little more pricey than some of the others below but well worth the investment!




SF Fly Fishing Landing Net – Great Reviews!




The SF fishing net is a great option, its price is great and the look and feel of the net is too! I use this one for trout and salmon mainly and it has a wider head which is great when you have larger or fatter fish that might not squeeze into the smaller nets on the market.

If you are looking for a great priced option, this is a good deal and i own 1 of these and used mine now for around 3 years, its still going strong!

Coming back to the net opening, its approximately 16 by 9.5 inches and 10 inches deep, not huge but perfect for local trout and salmon fishing.

It’s definitely one of my favourites and I like the fact it is easy to carry with me, slips onto the back of my chest pack or vest and I barely notice it’s there as it’s super lightweight!

SF also provides a nice quality carabiner which has a magnetic quick-release clip which I feel is a nice touch as it’s almost like a bundle and saves you having to then buy an additional magnetic release clip from amazon.

You can attach to the magnetic clip also extra smaller gear such as nippers, forceps, dry fly liquid etc. Definitely, one to consider and at this price point, it’s a steal!




Wakeman Fishing Net – Most Versatile!



As with fishpond, Wakeman makes great fishing nets, this one comes with an extendable handle so is longer than the SF and can be used for a multitude of fish species.

The compact and clever design works well if you are again fishing with a guide or solo fishing and can be attached to your fly vest or chest pack easily via the clip.

Made from Aluminum, it’s unlikely to rust anytime soon. This is an added bonus as you can use this net both in fresh and saltwater fly fishing.

Measuring the head which is approximately 18 inches by 13.5 inches id definitely use this net for small to medium-sized fish such as trout, salmon, bluefish or jacks etc.




Frabill Mesh Net – Classic Wooden Handle!

best fly fishing net


Now last up is one of my favourites as this is a good old school classic as it features a wooden handle. Picture yourself, Brad Pitt, A river runs through it…..ok ok just kidding but seriously who doesn’t love a bit of old school!

Frabills way of building fly gear is second to none, focusing on classical elements such as this net which features a beautiful wooden handle, its perfect for the classic fly fisherman who would truly appreciate this type of fly net construction.

This one doesn’t have rubber netting so maybe harsher on the fish but if that doesn’t bother you then its an awesome looking net and easy to handle (no pun intended…) At a great price point like some of the others here ive reviewed, it also comes with a clip and lanyard that again can be used for those extra tackle items you may have such as forceps, nippers etc.

Its super lightweight also, so perfect for attaching to the back of your vest or chest pack and walking over terrain to get to the desired fish grounds.

Again, this has a more classic look and feel which will really suit some of you old school fly fishermen out there and id definitely consider it if that’s your thing, priced well, its a great option for you to consider.



How Do I Choose A Fly Fishing Net?

When selecting a fly fishing net, you need to consider a few things:

  • What is the net made from?
  • Will the net I buy last a long time?
  • Will the net harm the fish?
  • What does the net come with ie a magnetic release?
  • Is the fly fishing net long or short handle?
  • Is the fly fishing net grip comfortable to hold?
  • Will I be using the fly fishing bait tr0ut in a river or lake or local pond?
  • Does the fly fishing net come with any warranty?
  • What are people saying about the NetAngler fly fishing net?
  • How much is the fly fishing net going to cost me?
  • What Are Nets Used For?


A Fly fishing nets main purpose is to help you land a fish after catching it. If you’ve ever tried to and a fish that is thrashing about at the same time trying to hold your fly rod you know it can be a tricky thing. 

Having a fly fishing net can help eradicate a lot of that hassle and the best fly fishing net 2020 we recommend is the NetAngler Fly Fishing net.

The other thing a net is used for is to help catch the fish and not to harm it. You may wish to release the fish and it is widely known that handling a fish with bare hands for a long period of time can transfer germs and small diseases to a fish that later kills it off and infects the other fish around it.

This is uncommon for most of the time however handling a fish with a proper fly fishing net will only help both you and the fish in the long run.

Do You Need A Net For Trout Fishing?

I would say you absolutely need a fly fishing net for some of the reasons mentioned in the section above this. There were countless times at the beginning of my fly fishing journey where I wished id had a net to help me land the fish easier!

Ive also gone and lost several fish due to not having a fly fishing net which is extremely frustrating.

For the sake of investing $30 (depending on what type of net you go for) id say it’s one of the pieces of fly fishing tackle that you definitely need to have in your fly fishing tackle box. 

Also you will need to buy a fly fishing net as most of the time some stocked fly-fishing lakes and their owners will not allow you to fish if you don’t have a fly fishing net.

This also goes back to what I mentioned above because if you handle the fish skin-to-skin meaning with your hands touching the fish, this can pass on germs to the fish, resulting in the fish getting infected and thus passing the infection back into the lake.

Why Do I Need To Buy A Net For Trout Fishing?

You will need to buy a net for fly fishing for the reasons mentioned above but also to build up your fly fishing tackle as you never know really when you might need a fly fishing net and it’s better to have one with you than not have and lose a price fish because of it!

How Do You Install A Magnetic Net Release?

Most of the fly fishing nets now come with a device known as a magnetic release. This simple yet effective tool can save you a lot of time when going to grab the net. It’s a simple magnetic system comprising two magnets.

One of the magnets sits on your belt clip and the other magnet sits on the handle of the fly fishing net. 

When you catch a fish you simply go to grab the net and the magnet will release itself from the magnet on the belt thus allowing you to hold the net freely in your hand and land the fish you just caught.

Is It Hard to Fly Fish?

It is not hard to fly fish it is like any sport really that you may take up. You really just have to spend some time to practice casting which is one of the hardest things I would say about fly-fishing. 

Learning how to cast the fly rod is a skill in itself but again its not hard to master and just requires some practice.

Once you have mastered this it is really very simple and wonderful sport take part in. Fly fishing is a really enjoyable sport and you will spend a lot of time outside in the open and in nature.

It doesn’t require like other forms of fishing for you to carry very heavy tackle around with you. 

Most of the time you can store the fly fishing tackle quite easily in the back of a car and will not require more than one person to carry the tackle to the chosen fishing spot.

This is one of the main benefits of fly fishing it’s very easy to set up and extremely lightweight tackle!


I hope you found this article on Best Fly Fishing Nets useful and feel free to read our other fly fishing tackle review guides here >> Buyers Guides Section 


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