When targeting the Trout species, it is hard to know without experience what is the best bait for trout in rivers.

Below we will cover from a fly fishing point of view the best bait for trout in rivers. Using the right bait can make all the difference for Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout, the choice of bait selection can be a bit overwhelming when it comes to fly selection so we have put together this helpful guide that covers the essentials to help you out.

What Do Trout Eat?

If you’re questioning what do trout eat? I can tell you, as trout live mainly in freshwater, they mainly eat a selection of food such as the following:

  1. Terrestrial insects
  2. Other smaller fish like minnows
  3. Aqua insects
  4. Bloodworms
  5. Mayflies
  6. Caddisflies
  7. Stoneflies
  8. Midges

What Flies Should You Use?

  1. Mayflies
  2. Caddisflies
  3. Stoneflies
  4. Midges
  5. Dragon and Damselflies
  6. Terrestrials
  7. Crustaceans

How to Find the Trout?

Trout are usually found in freshwater clear streams, rivers, or lakes that have cool (10-16 Celsius) temperatures. Young trout are called troutling or troutlet. Their natural habitat is North Asia, North America, and Europe.

How to Catch Trout?

Methods used to catch trout normally revolve around using a fly fishing rod, reel and artificial fly representing an insect or with spinning fishing tackle using a lure or spinner. You can add you necessary items to the chest pack. These methods work well in streams and rivers with an abundant amount of trout located in them as the natural flow of the water reflects that of their prey movement, the more natural their prey looks, the more enticed they are to eat it.

As trout is a cold-water fish it moves from up-deep to shallow under the ice usually found in depths of 4-9 ft. Brook, rainbow, and brown trout are the most common species of trout found in rivers, streams, and lakes and can vary depending on the international geographical location of the waters.

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How to Handle a Trout?

It’s advisable to catch a trout with a net and if you aim to return the fish to the water, try not to physically hold it with your hands and just empty it out of the net back into the water.

If you must hold the trout to perhaps take a picture of it, then it is advisable to hold it with two hands side by side and under its belly and head so as to support the fish before then releasing it back to the water.

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